We want to thank Claudia again for providing excellent services for our team in the hiring process of our new assistant. The quality and talent of the candidates exceeded our expectations. The process was laid out up front and we were able to make a solid decision by the time interviews were done with our team. The upfront weeding out of people and questions, and answered question provided helped guide each interview to find the right person who fit out team culture. Thank you again! 

CH. John L Scott

Claudia is an extraordinary professional! It has been my honor to work with someone of such high caliber and devotion to results. She is thoughtful with her consulting tactics and implements with great attention to EVERY detail. For me, one of her most important skills is her ability to self-manage and keep our projects on track and moving forward no matter my knowledge on the subject or my lack of it to achieve our goals. Claudia puts her soul and heart into her work. She gives you everything she’s got when she commits to a project and a goal. I’m humbled to have the opportunity to have worked with someone of such high integrity and commitment to our mutual success. A truly stunning business partner. 
AP. Keller Williams 

Claudia Castillo is a valued and respected consultant and colleague. I hired her as a consultant and in those three months, Claudia created excellent systems, moved my business to become completely paperless, and made my workflow noticeably simpler. She is a dedicated Broker with talent and drive. Claudia was a strong asset to our team and her absence will be missed in a significant way. Any Broker who is fortunate enough to hire Claudia will soon realize that she offers a unique, expansive skill set that makes her an extremely valuable part of any organization. Apart from her duties and responsibilities, Claudia’s cheerful and professional attitude make her a joy to work with. I strongly recommend Claudia! 
BC. Berkshire Hathaway

Claudia, thank you again for such a clean work and for all your great communication. You’ve set the stage for how professional you are and that this will be a smooth process. 
GH. Keller Williams

Claudia, I thought you were great to work with and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you for all your hard work!
GE. Windermere

Claudia is one of the hardest working real estate agents I know. She will go the extra mile and will make good on her promises and her word is as valuable as gold. Her tenacity and hard work ethic are truly appreciated. She is respectful to all parties of the transaction and truly cares about her clients and their well-being. If you are looking for a real estate agent for your next transaction call Claudia first you will not be disappointed.                     
AH. Capstone Home Loans

Claudia, I thought you did a great job! You really stayed on top of everything and kept me in line!
KM. John L. Scott 

Your work with my team was very helpful as it required us to make real changes that were implanted and then carried out to create real change in our daily habits. Going paperless was also a positive goal for our team and it required a commitment to new processes. Claudia, you were very caring yet firm in your approach so we could have maximum success with the transformation for our team.
VP. Madison Realty

Working with Claudia was definitely a must do for me and saved me countless hours of frustration and headache. I was in a big transition of my company has recently completed a buyout of two partners and needed someone to step in and hire new people and audit all current systems and procedures and put things in order and Claudia did just that. It was nothing short of amazing seeing her work and her professionalism and can-do attitude was like a breath of fresh air. If you need someone to get the job done and done right in your office I would recommend Claudia Castillo hands down.
Real Estate Business Owner – Redmond, WA      

I have worked with over 100 agents. Claudia exceeds all expectations in professionalism, knowledge, details & most of all, service.
SM. REUSA Northwest

I could absolutely write a book about how much I trust and appreciation I have for everything you have done for my Real Estate company. You are always there no matter what, anytime, no excuses. You put your full attention into making sure you are helping and protecting my business and people. You are absolutely amazing and there is nobody else in this world like you.
MS. Equity Pad, LLC

Claudia implemented training techniques on communicating more specifically, clearer among the team. Showed me ways on how to make decisions independently based on common knowledge. I am more productive now. I learned:”Time Management” – To be concise with time and how to interpret that among the team. “Communication” – How to speak clearly, to be specific regarding discussions.”Organization” – To become more efficient and how to use time more wisely.”Independence” – Show ways to improve efforts in making decisions Most Importantly increase the productivity within the office by designating everyone’s role and specifying responsibility.
GF. Executive Assistant/Office Manager – Seattle, WA 

Claudia, it was a pleasure working with you. You were very responsive and focused on an efficient and smooth close. Thank you to you and your team for working hard to ensure we closed so fast. 
AS, Keller Williams

I was super excited when I found out Claudia was hired. I was happy to see that a lot of the questions and concerns that had been talked about with this team and with the people who have come and gone in my tenure were being addressed. Specifically, I really like that there is a ‘map’ of things, that is a physical map, like buyer’s, seller’s, property management. I love my checklist the most! I know the things I need to take care. It helps tremendously to know the tasks.
AL. Property Manager – Capitol Hill, WA

I thought the training was very useful. Mainly, the defining of roles as well as keeping everyone accountable for their departments. I also like your tips on not getting overwhelmed by focusing on one thing at a time. The timer has also come in handy when say you have a bunch of tasks to complete by a certain time. Overall good training and it’s up to us keep implementing it!
MG. Transaction Coordinator – Seattle, WA                   

I truly appreciate Brokers such as yourself especially in difficult transactions that require good communication and patience with all parties. You were a true professional on all levels and I am grateful. I hope we work together again soon!
SM. Windermere

I have always been considered an above par employee, but I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that Ms. Castillo not only gave me the information I needed to understand every facet of the Real Estate industry, but she has made me a stronger, better, more analytical and valuable employee in any industry.
AL. Transaction Coordinator – Kirkland, WA

In just a few weeks, I was exposed to many tools, a plethora of knowledge, and given a system that works for me and my clients. Using Top Producer and Drop Box has made a world of difference in my business! You empowered me with extremely succinct yet in-depth answers to all my questions. As I said above, these have made a world of difference in tracking activities, communication, and documents re clients and improving my business. I no longer have to look in 20 different places for that one lead I got that one day from that one person!! I know exactly now where these contacts came from, when, and what’s my plan.
MB. Berkshire Hathaway

I am so happy that we decided to hire Claudia. Sometimes when you are close to the issues it is hard to see the forest from the trees. We really needed someone who could look outside in, because as a member of your team you tend to assimilate even when you know the habits are not good and systematic processes are lacking. With Claudia’s systems, I really think we have a chance to build on something great. I think if I could pick one thing that Claudia has done which has been the most important for me is to declutter, not just physically but mentally declutter so that we don’t keep reinventing the wheel.
LA. Property Manager – Seattle, WA